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Monterey, CA - Dr. Abraham Kryger (pronounced Kree-j), an expert on treatment of male sexual dysfunction using natural hormone replacement therapy, has recruited Great Image, Ltd. to represent him as he prepares to release a new book on reversing diabetes through permanent weight loss.


"Diabetes is an over-looked deadly, debilitating disease, " said Dr. Kryger. "With the maturing of the baby-boom generation, if one combines neglect of physical activity with poor diet then medical science predicts an exponential increase in  diabetes in the immediate future. Diabetes will rank higher than heart disease or cancer in mortality." He previously published "Listen to Your Hormones: A Doctors Guide to Sex, Love, and Long Life." The book is available Online through Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and Dr. Kryger's Web sites:


Citing current medical research, Dr. Kryger declares  that testosterone both aids a person's sex life plus promotes healthy hearts by preventing weakening of the heart muscle and hardening of the arteries.


For a healthier and longer life, Dr. Kryger recommends, "Eat low on the food chain. Choose vegetables, fruits and other natural foods over artificially-enhanced foods." He also advises to microwave using glass or other containers rather than plastic and to limit animal products introduced into the human body. "The journey towards optimal health may be long and sometimes confusing, but it is always worthwhile."


"Dr. Kryger is a natural science pioneer," said Richard C. Kelleher, M.B.A., a partner in Great Image, Ltd. "He pioneered tele-medicine with

his WellnessMD Web site in 1995. This book on diabetes will create shockwaves in literary and medical circles and could become a #1 best-seller. Great Image is proud to be associated with Dr. Kryger."


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Tele-medicine pioneer to present at ENDO 2005, Endocrine Society conference


San Diego, CA - The pioneer of Internet tele-medicine, Dr. Abraham Kryger, will present two medical abstracts at ENDO 2005, the annual Endocrine Society conference, to be held June 4 through 7 at San Diego¹s Convention Center.


The Endocrine Society is an international body that studies hormone glands of the body and their related disorders. The Society has more than 11,000 members from over 80 countries. The diverse membership represents medicine, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, immunology, education, industry and allied health.


The Society's annual meeting, ENDO, is the world's largest gathering of endocrinologists. This meeting features more than 2,500 abstract presentations of the latest research in all areas of endocrinology.


Dr. Kryger, author of Listen to Your Hormones: A doctor’s guide to Sex, Love and Long Life, will present papers on:


What Really Affects Aging?

Consumption of animal products may be responsible for the epidemic of cancers seen in the [Western] world. Diet and cancer have been inextricably linked through research with dioxin, PCBs, nitrites, high cholesterol, trans fats and the low fiber American diet. Dr. Kryger offers some practical solutions to reverse this trend.


Practical Application for the Role of Oxytocin, Melatonin and Vasopressin in Man

Oxytocin and Vasopressin are hormones that rise dramatically during foreplay and intercourse, increasing sensitivity to the skin and sexual organs. These "touchy, feely" hormones have also been associated with multi-orgasmic females and bonding of women to their babies and men to their spouses. Dr. Kryger¹s paper presents a practical use of these hormones in sexual medicine.


Dr. Kryger recently was [taped] as the authority on increase in steroid use by teenage girls, viewed on many CBS television affiliates. To view a clip from CBS Monterey, Cal., affiliate KION, go to, click on results for clients and click on Wellness M.D. on TV. Search for "Steroid Use Among Teenage Girls Up.





LISTEN TO YOUR HORMONES: People who don’t may suffer needlessly--Abraham Kryger, MD, Interviewed on Age Management Medicine Radio.


Broadcast Date: March 2005  Running Time: 60 minutes

Click here to listen to broadcast. (RealPlayer required.)





New Book Confronts Testosterone Issues--Wellness Doctor Helps Men and Women Take Charge of Their Hormone Health


MONTEREY, Calif., Nov. 16, 2004 /PR Newswire/ -- More than 10 million U.S. men suffer from testosterone deficiency. It jeopardizes not only sexual and

reproductive health, but also the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle strength, memory and emotional well-being. And increasingly, younger men

are at risk.


What can men (and the women who love them) do to avoid this condition? And how can those who’ve been diagnosed improve their quality of life?

Preventive medicine expert, Abraham Kryger, MD, examines these issues in his groundbreaking new book, Listen to Your Hormones: a Doctor's Guide to


Sex, Love and Long Life

According to Dr. Kryger, the key culprits are estrogen-like manmade chemicals that permeate our air, water and food supply. "The link is

undeniable," said Dr. Kryger. "I've seen first-hand how synthetic chemicals can disrupt endocrine and reproductive systems. They threaten our

fertility, our intelligence--our very survival. But there's help for those with low testosterone, and hope for others who want to minimize toxic



Based on current medical and environmental evidence, 'Listen to Your Hormones' cuts through the hype and confusion about the vital role that

testosterone plays in key bodily functions. It explains the consequences of ignoring hormone imbalances, and charts a course for men who must navigate

the uncertain waters surrounding testosterone therapy. More than a clinical analysis, the book reveals insights from real-world cases, and offers a blueprint for action. It suggests practical ways to assess, monitor, manage and improve male health. And it reinforces those ideas with extensive research.


Available immediately at a suggested retail price of U.S. $24.95, the book can be ordered directly online at or by phone at 831-373-4406. It is also in-stock at select bookstores. Additionally, digital versions of each

chapter are expected to be available soon.


About the Author --

Dr. Kryger is a wellness pioneer who has been at the forefront of research in hormone therapy, nutrition and preventive medicine for 30 years. A

board-certified family practitioner and preventive medicine specialist, Dr. Kryger operates a full-time private practice in Monterey. He has guided

thousands of patients to optimal health and longevity through use of nutraceutical supplements and bioidentical hormones.





What Every Man Should Know About His Hormones -- A Wellness Doctor Clarifies the Facts


MONTEREY, Calif.Sept. 1, 2004 – Our hormones give us constant feedback about our health. But too often, the message goes unnoticed – especially among men. So says wellness expert, Abraham Kryger, MD, in his soon-to-be-released book, “Listen to Your Hormones: A Doctor’s Guide to Sex, Love and Long Life.” 


Inspired by the latest medical evidence, “Listen to Your Hormones” ( cuts through the hype and confusion about a highly misunderstood aspect of men’s health – the vital role that testosterone and other hormones play in key bodily functions. It explains the consequences of ignoring hormone imbalances, and charts a course for men who must navigate the uncertain waters surrounding hormone-related therapy.


“Testosterone deficiency is a serious medical condition that demands careful diagnosis,” says Dr. Kryger. “By interpreting complex and sometimes conflicting scientific research, I hope men will respect the delicate chemical balance in and around their bodies, and seek proper treatment.”


The book reveals some startling facts. Currently in the U.S., more than 6 million men suffer from symptoms of low testosterone:


- Diminished sex drive

- Depression and lethargy

- Memory loss

- Greater risk of heart attack

- Decreased muscle mass and increased weight

- More fragile bones


Only 1 in 6 of these men will ever receive treatment to resolve this problem and the situation is getting worse. The proportion of those facing precarious hormone imbalances is growing, as people continue to put their bodies at risk with poor lifestyle choices and increased exposure to estrogen-like environmental toxins.


What can men do to reverse this disturbing trend and improve their quality of life? More than a clinical analysis, the book reveals insights from real-world cases, and offers a blueprint for action. It suggests practical ways to assess, monitor, manage and improve male health and wellbeing. And it reinforces those ideas with extensive research. Even men who aren’t among the estimated 6 million with low testosterone will benefit from the book’s insights.


According to John Robbins, author of five best-sellers about sustainable living and founder of EarthSave International, Dr. Kryger “offers a wealth of information for men who don’t want to be victims of pollution, but want to understand their hormones and restore them to more natural and healthy functioning.”


“Too many men--and their doctors--are ignoring the role our powerful hormones play in sexual performance and fertility in this country, “according to Abraham Kryger, M.D., a northern California internal medicine specialist.


Polluting substances in plastics and other man-made materials are creating artificial hormones that can wreak havoc with our hormonal systems,

In his new book, Listen to Your Hormones, Dr. Kryger issues stern warnings to those who swallow false assumptions from the media about how to treat people with hormone deficiencies. “False information and misunderstandings are preventing thousands of men from enjoying a vital, active sex life,” he says.


“The key is balanced amounts of the "sexy trio" of hormones--testosterone, DHT, and estrogen, “he says. DHT is the abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone, a variation of testosterone involved in regulating sex drive and the development of sexual organs. "People with balanced levels of these three hormones have a leaner, younger-looking body, stronger muscles, and tougher bones," he says.


Much of the book is dedicated to the benefits of appropriate treatment of women as well as men using testosterone replacement therapy. Citing current research, Dr. Kryger declares that testosterone not only aids in a person's sex life but also promotes healthy hearts by helping to prevent hardening of the arteries and weakening of the heart muscle. Elderly people with higher levels of free testosterone have improved memories and less age-related senility.


The problem is that many doctors are afraid of prescribing testosterone because they have been told that there is a higher risk of prostate cancer associated with testosterone replacement therapy. Actually, Dr. Kryger says, “well-documented studies find no link between testosterone and prostate cancer. “


A major concern that resounds through his book is the devastation that toxic chemicals are having on our hormones, including the multiplication of harmful estrogens in the environment. He advocates a vegetarian or near-vegetarian diet to lessen the impact of environmental steroids and other artificial substances that turn animal flesh into time bombs of disease and disability.


"Modern medicine offers practical solutions to most of our hormone-related problems," Dr. Kryger says. "We need to stop paying attention to folklore and assuming that we have to put up with problems we accept as a part of growing old. In short, it’s time to stop complaining about how bad it is and do something about it. The journey towards optimal health may be long and sometimes confusing, but it is always worthwhile."


Dr. Kryger's book will be available in mid-July at local bookstores or directly from WellnessMD Publications at:


1084 Cass Street, Monterey , California 93940. Fax your order to 831-373-4481 or use the website store at:





Dispelling many steroid myths


Dennis Taylor On Steroids


Gold's Gym in Seaside has been a haven for serious weightlifters, an image that its new owner, JahMz Jackson, would love to change. His goal is to

transform the business into more of a health and fitness club, where soccer moms and businessmen can feel as comfortable as the hardcore "ironheads."

The metamorphosis is in its early stages. You can still smell the testosterone when you walk in the door, but Jackson took a step this week

toward one of his main objectives -- ensuring that most of that testosterone is natural, not synthetic.


Monterey physician Abraham Kryger, whose area of expertise is human hormone therapy, was a guest speaker at Gold's on Monday night, addressing a subject

that suddenly is red-hot thanks to last week's congressional hearing on anabolic steroid abuse in major league baseball. Dr. Kryger, author of

"Listen to Your Hormones," offered information and dispelled myths about steroids and Human Growth Hormone in a 90-minute session, attended by about

two dozen people.


Here, compliments of Dr. Kryger, are a few things you might not have known about the synthetic drugs athletes and bodybuilders have been using to

enhance their performance in the workout room and on the playing field: Anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone have legitimate uses, when

administered by a qualified physician, Kryger said.


"Nobody's defending cheaters (in sports), but it's important not to rush to judgment about the chemical agents some of those cheaters appear to be

using, particularly testosterone and related hormones (anabolic steroids)," he told the group.


"Fears about illegal doping in sports may be obscuring legitimate value of hormone replacement," Kryger added. "The thing that disturbs me is that we

seem to be demonizing something that, for many people, can have therapeutic benefits."


Replacement hormones cannot build strength, but can accelerate the healing process and regulate metabolism, among other benefits. They often are

particularly helpful to older individuals who may have developed imbalances in their hormone levels.


Most self-medicating athletes believe more is better, when, in fact, the opposite is true.


"Because hormones work in such tiny quantities, less is more," Kryger said.


"The less you use, the better the effects. The more you use, the worse the effects. Heavy use disrupts the body's natural hormone production. Anabolic

steroids, in improper doses, will saturate the body's receptors. Eventually, a larger dose will be required to attain the same results. Too much

artificial testosterone will cause the body to stop making its own natural testosterone, instead creating more of the female hormone, estrogen.


"As you keep using more, it stops going in the direction you want – which is increasing muscle mass -- and starts going in the opposite direction,

creating breast tissue, impotence, infertility, depression, weak bones and elevated risks of fractures. Insomnia and extreme irritability are other

common effects. In children and teenagers, performance boosters can stunt growth, or produce 'precocious puberty,' a condition in which a child

develops secondary sexual characteristics way before their time. The side effects are part of the bargain, and can take weeks, months, years, even

decades, to show up."


Estrogen -- not testosterone -- creates the condition commonly called 'Roid Rage.


"Many men get depressed when their testosterone levels drop, because testosterone gives you a feeling of well-being, makes you feel positive and

motivated. It doesn't cause aggression," the doctor said. "However, if you take too much testosterone, and it turns into estrogen, you become moody and

aggressive. 'Roid Rages are actually the same as PMS, the premenstrual syndrome women suffer before their periods, when their estrogen is out of



Androstenedione (known as "Andro"), the supplement baseball slugger Mark McGwire admitted using, actually has the opposite effect of what most people



"Andro actually works like estrogen in men, and testosterone in women – the complete opposite of what you might want," Kryger said. "It may temporarily

boost some of the hormone levels, but then it creates significant health risks. And the long-term consequences of estrogen in men and testosterone in

women can be devastating. My main concern is high school students who are buying these products (on the black market), thinking they're safe because

(until last year) they were available over the counter."


Scientific information about anabolic steroids is limited.


"It's not ethical to do studies on people using these compounds because they're not legal (except by prescription), so we're kind of stuck," Kryger

said. "We get anecdotal reports, saying, 'This works... that doesn't,' and many of the men and women using these drugs illegally are using that same



"It's hard enough to track the effects of steroids prescribed for my own patients, let alone the long-term impact of illegal steroids," he said.

"Side effects are inevitable from underground use. I treat several former steroid users who are now on long-term testosterone therapy to preserve

their male traits. They've burned out their own hormone production."


Steroids purchased over the Internet, or off the street, often are of dubious quality. Many of the anabolic steroids sold underground are of

veterinary grade.


"The problem is, you don't always know whether you're getting the real thing or a counterfeit," he said. "And the counterfeits look very similar."

Kryger said the main purpose for his lecture at Gold's was to inform the group that the hormones can be used in safe and effective ways to attain the

desired results -- providing the user's hormone levels are deficient.


"But they should not be used by healthy people with normal levels. Any attempt to boost performance is eventually going to backfire and go in the

wrong direction," he said. "And that's particularly true of high school students, whose hormone levels already are peaking. They certainly don't

need more."


Dr. Abraham Kryger Who: Dr. Kryger is a medical doctor and dentist who has practiced in Monterey County for 25 years. Specialty: His area of research

is human hormone therapy, nutrition and preventative medicine. His book: He is the author of "Listen To Your Hormones," a reference book that "cuts

through the hype and confusion about one of the most misunderstood aspects of men's health, and the vital role testosterone and other hormones play in

our bodies' daily functions." Web sites: Information may be found online at and Contact him: Dr. Kryger

practices at Monterey Preventative Medical Clinic, 1084 Cass St., Monterey. He may be reached at 373-4406 or e-mailed at


Dennis Taylor may be reached at or 646-4344.


Note to Editors: Contact Dr. Kryger directly for interviews or review copies: 831-373-4406,





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