Dr. Abraham (Harvey) Kryger is a wellness pioneer who has been at the forefront of research in human hormone therapy, nutrition and preventive medicine for nearly three decades.
A board-certified Family Practitioner and Preventive Medicine specialist, Dr. Kryger operates a full-time private practice in Monterey, CA. He has successfully guided thousands of patients to optimal health and improved the quality of their lives. Most notably, he has opened new doors for men seeking to reverse depression, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency.
Relying on a philosophy that emphasizes patient involvement, he integrates traditional and complementary treatment techniques including dietary modifications. His goal is to maximize longevity and freedom from chronic diseases by increasing the use of bioidentical hormones.
Dr.Kryger's research credits include groundbreaking work in the use of nutraceutical supplements to boost the immune system and help to fight cancer. Recently after several clinical trials, he was awarded a patent for Testocreme®, a soy-based topical testosterone that helps to restore men's libido, vitality and well-being. Dr. Kryger is currently seeking FDA approval to market Testocreme®, along with a similar bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women, called Estrocreme®.
Recognized by the medical community as a holistic health expert, Dr. Kryger is an articulate speaker, author, and advocate who is passionate about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of hormone imbalances. He has educated the general public by contributing to "http://www.USAToday.com" and other publications, as well as various broadcast media shows. He also maintains health information websites "http://www.wellnessmd.com" and "http://www.testocreme.com" as forums for outreach and awareness building.
Dr. Kryger earned an MD and a DMD from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, and for twenty years has served as Medical Director of the Monterey Preventive Medicine Clinic. The doctor was the former director of the Alternative Medicine Foundation in Santa Rosa and Marina, California.
This is a must-have reference for every man who wants to be happier, healthier and more satisfied, in the bedroom and beyond.
Using the latest medical evidence as its inspiration, Listen to Your Hormones cuts through the hype and confusion about one of the most misunderstood aspects of men's health, the vital role testosterone and other hormones play in our bodies' daily functions.
More than a clinical analysis of the facts, this book reveals insights from real-world cases, and offers a blueprint for action. It's rich with specific ideas that men (and the women who love them) can use to assess, monitor, manage and improve their health and well-being. This book reinforces those suggestions with extensive medical research.
Even those who aren't among the estimated 6 million men who suffer from exceptionally low testosterone levels will benefit from the book's various recommendations for preventing harmful hormonal shifts in both men and women.
By interpreting complex and sometimes conflicting scientific research, Listen to Your Hormones helps men and women appreciate the delicate chemical balance at work in their bodies. What's more, it helps raise awareness about the consequences of ignoring hormone deficiency, and charts a course to help patients and their doctors navigate the uncertain waters surrounding hormone-related therapy.

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